Generate Rich Wordlists - Online

Create your own patterns with the UI builder, fine-tune for 60+ languages, and generate advanced wordlists to use in your dictionary attacks based on publicly available information on your target.

  • All done in your browser
  • Millions of words in seconds
  • Language specific fine-tuning
It‘s 100% free

Create your patterns

  • Names, short-names, dates
  • Groups & permutations
  • Export, import, collaborate

Fine-tune language rules

  • Define vowels and breakpoints
  • Character combos
  • Replacements & variations

Fill-in target information

  • Choose language profile
  • Fill-in target's public info
  • Generate your rich wordlist

Create your patterns

Use the UI builder to create your custom patterns

  • Choose fields such as names, shortened variations of names, advanced date variations, and more.
  • Use groups and permutations to generate multiple controlled arrangements.
  • Export and import your patterns and settings to collaborate with others.

Fine-tune Language Rules

Create language profiles with fine-tuned settings for maximum accuracy

  • Define language vowels in both English and non-English characters for better string shortening.
  • Create character combos that are unlikely to be split when shortening strings.
  • Use dictionaries with character replacements to cover intentional grammar and special character variations.

Generate Rich Wordlists

Fill-in the wordlist form with publicly available information on the target and watch the magic

  • Choose the language profile that fits best your target.
  • Fill-in as many fields as possible in the wordlist generation form.
  • Click Generate and watch the magic happen, millions of words generated in seconds.

Products Coming Soon

Password Predictability Validator

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Old-fashioned password “strength“ validation is no longer enough to protect your users. It‘s time for our new password true predictability validator.

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  • Chrome Extension for end users


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